Diabetic Snacks – 5 Perfect Choices

For diabetic snacks to qualify as “perfect” in my opinion, they should fulfill the following criteria:

Quick and Easy – I’m very busy and I guess I’m lazy too.

Low Carb – All carbs raise blood sugar levels so I want to pick diabetic snacks that are minimal carb. In fact, the reduced the greater. I also like reduced carb balanced with good protein because more unlikely to raise blood glucose.

Low Glycemic Index – Some carbs, like those within some vegetables and fruits, harder to break down. These types of carbs don’t raise blood sugar levels just as much.

Healthy & Nutritious – I don’t want empty calories. As a diabetic, I want every calorie to count and I want good nutrients from natural sources during my body.

Filling – I can’t concentrate as well if my stomach is talking and I wouldn’t like to have to snack continuously. I want the snack to hold the tummy growls away before the next meal-time.

Less Processed – The less additives, artificial ingredients, and preservatives the higher. An increasing number of research has shown that processed food triggers diabetes and can make it worse.

Tasty – After all, it is just a snack! Diabetic snacks don’t ought to be dull and boring. They can be delicious too.

While there are numerous good options, these are my personal top 5 picks that meet all of the criteria above causing them to be absolutely perfect diabetic snacks:

Nuts & Seeds – Overall, that is my very favorite diabetic snack. I like the fact these don’t must be refrigerated. You can even keep a can of these at the job or perhaps the car.

Cottage Cheese – 1/2 cup of Knudsen Cottage Cheese (produced from cows not treated with hormones) has 13 grams of protein, a good dose of calcium, in support of 5 grams of carb. Cottage cheese is a versatile food. If you have a sweet tooth, you can include a small amount of lower carb fresh fruit like blueberries. You can also add herbs, nuts, olives, and peppers. I love to add fresh dill.

Raw Veggies & Low Carb Dressing/Dip – Radishes, cucumbers, celery, red peppers, yellow peppers, and green peppers are common excellent low carbohydrate choices. Sometimes I crave raw veggies and I try to help keep them readily available within the fridge when this occurs. These days it is possible to find reduced carb dressings at the store however, if you peer over the internet, you will find many home-made recipes for reduced carbohydrate high protein dressing which lasts for greater week and tastes fabulous.

Hard Boiled Eggs/Deviled Eggs – I usually keep hard boiled eggs on hand within the fridge. I like them just a bit of salt and pepper or I devil them up.

Low Carb Yogurt – This is easy to get today in several natural flavors and is often a really convenient diabetic snack. Be sure to pick one with active cultures to assist the great bacteria win out over the pathoenic agents within you.