Snacks Selection For Diabetes Patients

People with diabetes need to be extra careful about the snacks they eat. The wrong choice can lead to high blood sugar levels, which can then lead to hypoglycemia, and even diabetic ketoacidosis. Here’s a list of snacks that are safe for diabetics.

Which Snacks Are Safe For Diabetes Patients?

Here’s the list of snack choices that are safe for diabetics.

  • Candy: Sugar-free gums and candies are a safe bet for diabetics.
  • Ice Cream: Most ice cream has a low glycemic index, so you’ll likely have no problems.
  • Fruits: Strawberries and grapes are safe, as are apples and oranges. Just make sure you watch the sugar in them.

The following snacks are healthy and work for diabetes patients.

1. Almonds
2. Figs
3. Hummus
4. Cheese
5. Quinoa
6. Pumpkin seeds
7. Trail mix
8. Yogurt
9. Rice
10. Apple

What Snacks Are Not Safe For Diabetes Patients?

Popcorn – It contains gluten, which can cause an immune reaction in diabetics. Additives such as MSG, artificial colors and trans fats are also ingredients that can trigger a diabetic reaction.

Soda – It is full of sugar and sodium and can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. Some studies even say that soda is actually worse than smoking for diabetes.

Greek Yogurt – It is high in fat, and isn’t very nutritious. Greek yogurt has no protein and is also high in fat. People who already suffer from heart disease are warned not to eat Greek yogurt.

Cheese – It contains milk protein, which may trigger a diabetic reaction.

Mayonnaise – It contains diacetyl, which could lead to a diabetic reaction, although there is no evidence to support this.

To avoid carbohydrate-rich meals at lunch, follow these guidelines. Choose a carbohydrate-free vegetable or fruit to snack on instead of chips or cookies.

Top Packaged Snacks For Diabetes

Snack foods for diabetics are not as popular as the fresh stuff, but that’s about to change. As the market gets more competitive, even big companies are showing interest in providing diabetic snacks. But which ones are safe and can help people live their lives to the fullest? Read on to find out.

1. Wheat Thins: Chewy crunchy, 100% whole grain, low sugar. Perfectly salty and made of 100% wheat. Serve as a snack with some milk.

2. KIND bars: By taking healthier snacks such as nuts and fruit, while still keeping a firm grip on portion sizes, KIND bars help patients manage their blood sugar levels. 100% fruit flavored.

3. Target brand: Target even has a great selection of non-food diabetes products, including glucose testing strips.

Diabetic Snacks Before Bed

These snacks should be eaten right before bed. Easy graham cracker with peanut butter and some fruit. Peanut butter on a whole wheat cracker with some fruit. Store bought grain based dessert or pudding with a banana. Carb free soda or bottle of water Breakfast.

Avoid eating carbohydrates before going to sleep. Instead, eat a serving of soluble fiber.

Banana with brown rice or Quinoa. Make up another batch of homemade brown rice, Quinoa, or kale. This is a good alternative to granola bars or other snack bars.

Bagel with peanut butter and apple slices. Veggies and fruit with hummus, pita bread, or low-fat cheese.

Diabetic Snacks Selection Criteria

To help you with your diabetes snacks selection, here are the criteria you need to consider.

• Diabetic meal items must be the right ratio of carbohydrates to protein and fat to be healthy.

• The low-fat snacks must contain more calories than the full fat items.

• Gluten-free snacks must be able to pass the three-point test for baked items.

• Only unprocessed carbohydrates can be used as the carbohydrate source.

• Calorie-wise, one serving of nuts should contain the same number of calories as one serving of a vegetable.

• For the night owls, choose the low-calorie but high-protein snacks such as peanut butter, low-fat cheese, and crackers.


People with diabetes are typically offered the diabetes friendly snack options in their diet plans. However, it is essential that they discuss their dietary choices with a healthcare professional. Discussing your dietary needs will also help you to decide what is best for you. The snacks listed above are safe for diabetics and are highly nutritious.